International Margarita Day (the pub way)

This International Margarita Day we’ve opted to celebrate in a true pub fashion – with beer.

Introducing Mountain Goat’s ‘Margaritaville Barrel Aged Hibiscus Margarita Ale!’

Fermented in the same barrels we used to age a blend of tequila and Cointreau for our double barrel margaritas, Mountain Goat have created a surprisingly complex beer.

Matte rose pink with a bouquet of rosy hibiscus on the nose, the one-off brew features a delicate tartness which soon gives way to layers of citrus, rose and Turkish Delight flavours, before rounding off with a woody, tequila earthiness and a tickle of heat.

We’ll be kegging ‘Margaritaville’ on Friday, 22 February 2019.

Stock is strictly limited! Once it’s gone – it’s gone!