St Kilda Bars & Cocktail Lounges

You deserve a little rest and relaxation, so why not pull up a stool and relax at the cocktail bar St Kilda? Whether you’re looking for a quiet place in the evening, or a sociable gathering point throughout the day, Hotel Esplanade features the multiple cocktail bars from the Terrace to the Podcast Studio Bars, Mya Tiger beyond. Enjoy a fantastic variety of beverages and cocktails delivered promptly by our friendly serving staff. With beautiful views, superior drinks, savoury dishes, and an inviting atmosphere, you’ll find yourself fully rejuvenated at Hotel Esplanade.

More Than Just A Cocktail Bar in St Kilda

From a well travelled wine list to an exotic assortment of beers, seaside proud cocktails, and an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers, if you’re looking for a cocktail bar in St Kilda Hotel Esplanade is the perfect choice for any occasion.  Whether you want to enjoy the game on a large screen TV, or take in the St Kilda foreshore, you’re bound to find a tipple to tickle your fancy at one of our twelve bar options.

You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of premier beverages available. From hand-picked wines, craft beer, and an in-house barrel-aging program for spirits. A good drink is a perfect start to a fantastic vacation, and we take our cocktail bar service very seriously. Here are a few notable points about the Cocktail Bar St Kilda.

  • Twelve bars to choose from
  • Unique amenities
  • Classic and unique range of cocktails
  • Plenty of drought beer
  • Packaged beer and cider
  • Fine Wine from both local and international producers

Twelve St Kilda Bars to Choose From

Everyone has their own preference for lighting, seating, and ambiance. Hotel Esplanade offers twelve St Kilda bars that feature the perfect decor for a memorable evening with friends. From stools, to chairs, to plush cushions, you can pick the seating area that will provide the best accent to your group’s signature style. Whether you want tall windows and plenty of light, or a darker, cozier area for greater intimacy you’ll find the perfect seating area at Hotel Esplanade. Energetic or relaxed,  you and your crew will find the perfect place to relax and share drinks and stories in perfect comfort.

Unique Amenities

With a wide variety of frequent live music performances, you’ll find plenty of options to keep you entertained. If you’re more inclined to the World Cup or other leagues of international football, the public bar has you covered. There is even a private podcast studio, complete with it’s own bar and listening booths to switch off and get some chores done if inspiration strikes, or perhaps just to reserve a quiet and unique place for a casual meeting with your friends. There’s plenty to choose from at Hotel Esplanade.

A Creative Cocktail Bar in St Kilda That You’ll Never Forget

Choose from a wide variety of specialised and well-known cocktails. Whether you prefer sweet or sour, light and refreshing or something a little boozier, we have options and variations that you’ll delight in experiencing. The perfect cocktail for the moment is dependent on a variety of factors. Who are you with? What is the mood? Where do you want the evening to go? Our friendly wait staff can help you pick the perfect cocktail no matter what the occasion.

We recommend that you give everything on our menu a sample at least once. It would be a shame to think you’d settled on the perfect drink when the next one on the list might have satisfied you even better. And once you’ve been through the list once, remember that the effect of each of our specialty cocktails is magnified with properly paired with the right food choice.

For a spicy meal, try the Kaffir Lime Margarita. For a new and exciting take on the Pina Colada, try the Good Fortune which includes a blend of four different rums. Our cocktails are not simple beverages, they are evening entertainment works of art. There is such a large selection that you may leave a few untested on the menu when you go. But that’s okay, you’re always welcome to come back and try the rest.

Plenty of Draught Beer

There are times and moods when nothing will serve you like a frosty brew, and we’ve got those moments covered too. You’ll find a wide variety of colour and flavour from around the globe. Try something new, you might just discover the beer you’ve been looking for all your life.

Packaged Beer and Cider

There’s something to be said for clutching a frosty can or bottle. With around forty varieties to choose from, you’ll always have the perfect option for that afternoon drink. With everything from Corona to Coedo, you’ll find a familiar flavour no matter what part of the world you hail from. Vacations are about trying something new, but sometimes the greatest moments of relaxation come when you dabble in the familiar.Fine Wine

With wines from Australia, France, Austria, Argentina and more, you’ll find the perfect flavour for your palate. Some meals just cannot properly bloom without the perfect wine accompaniment. Experiment with pairing your flavours either at the recommendation of your server, or from your own highly educated perspective. Life is too short to rush a meal, or to waste a flavour by failing to embellish it with a sip, splash, or a glass of perfectly paired wine.

The Perfect Cocktail Bar for St Kilda

Every evening is a celebration at the cocktail bar St Kilda. Time for rest and relaxation is too hard to come by to waste on a gathering point that is something less than perfect. When you get your crew together you want the perfect ambiance combined with the largest selection of high-quality beverages. From Mya Tiger’s Cocktail to the assortment of bars located on the ground floor, you’ll have the perfect flavour available for even the most eclectic of tastes. Come to enjoy an old favourite, or to experience something new. The perfect ambiance, the perfect drink, and the perfect service is our objective. The only thing we’re missing is you!