Clowns return to the Espy

A little note from this Saturday’s Basement headliners!

Over the nine years we have been a band, there is no venue that we have played more than The Espy. It’s hard to say exactly how many shows, but I know it was at least 20 times that we wreaked havoc on the Espy Basement stage. The Espy was the first venue to take a true shining to us and give us slots on their bigger stages, where we tore through perhaps another 20 shows including cool support slots as well as our first-ever festival appearance at St Kilda Festival before they closed their doors in 2015.

The early days at the Espy were a true golden era of our band where we even considered ourselves a ‘St Kilda band’, despite living and forming in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne. Our friends wouldn’t go and see us play anywhere else because The Espy was the cheapest cab ride away, most of their shows were free entry and there was easy access to the generous blue tubs of Melbourne Bitter cans that The Espy would famously place side of stage before each show.

We loved The Basement so much in those days that we asked if we could do a residency down there. The Espy loved us so much that they asked us if we wanted to do a TWO MONTH residency down there… Perhaps a mistake on their behalf, but we were just happy to be asked to play. We made lifelong friends with a bunch of bands during that period who would helped us play our first few shows in areas like Collingwood or Fitzroy.

We learnt so much about the boundaries of a wild show within the Espy Basement walls by crossing them FAR too many times and there are truly too many funny stories to even count… But without the hard lessons, we wouldn’t have had a chance to become the band we are today. For this, we will forever respect The Espy for giving us a lot of chances.

On Saturday night we will be performing ‘I’m Not Right’ in full in The Espy Basement, the place where a lot of those songs were first played. The show is FREE entry, first come first served.

We can’t wait!

Clowns will be playing Saturday, 17 Aug in the Espy’s Basement. First in best dressed.