When rebuilding The Espy there was a recurring question to which only those who had paid patronage to the pub of old would understand.

“Will you be keeping the sticky carpet?”

Given the rest of the building’s makeover, it would have been an odd choice to keep the infamous alcohol soaked carpet. It had to go, but we couldn’t let it go completely.

So, the question remained how would we preserve the sticky carpet?

Enter Four Pillars Gin.

When our good friends and favourites in the booze biz presented the idea of a ‘Four Pillars X The Espy’ collaboration, we jumped at the opportunity. It was a no-brainer!

The Espy team were soon packing their bags for Healesville to create what is known today as Four Pillars ‘Sticky Carpet’ Gin.

Throughout the distillation process, we added a local roasted dark stout (Watt’s River) to give a malty, toasted character. We then filled the stills with juniper, coriander, honey, roasted barley (another beer-y ingredient), cassia, green pepper, orris root, and Cascade Hops (there it is again) plus fresh lemon peel and ginger.

The result? A deliciously pubby gin, that is perfect for beer lovers and G&T fans alike.

And so The Espy’s Sticky Carpet was reborn with the helping guidance of Four Pillars Gin.

If you flip the bottle around, you will see the inside label includes a collection of genuine old band posters that are relics of The Gershwin Room’s gigs of the past – another nod to the rich history of this grand old pub.

Sorry gin lovers, we are not currently offering Four Pillars “Sticky Carpet” Gin for retail sale.