Beach Bar Located in St Kilda

Most people have a similar view of paradise. The image includes a crystal blue sky, a pristine beach, the soothing sound of ocean waves, and a frosty cold beverage. Throw in an fun companion or three, a few lounge chairs and an umbrella, and you have the recipe for complete and total relaxation. When thinking of St Kilda beach bars to head out to after a long day in the sun, Hotel Esplanade is the natural choice. Whether you’re looking to party all night, or need to cool off with a cold beer after a long day in the sun, this St Kilda beach bar is the place for you.

Hotel Esplanade is located in St. Kilda, Victoria right in the heart of Melbourne and is your perfect foreshore destination. With 12 bars to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a drink to match whatever mood you’re in, from something fun and fruity or a bit more serious and boozy. So pull up and chair and bunker down for the afternoon with a drink in hand from one of the many specialty cocktail bars.

The St Kilda Beach Bar

There is a beverage for every moment, and when those moments pass they are gone forever. You need a beach bar that won’t allow you to squander your precious vacation time by waiting around staring at an empty glass and hoping for a refill. The perfect St Kilda beach bar has a friendly and attentive wait staff that are closer to mind readers than science has an explanation for. Before you even start to think your beverage is getting low, you and your friends should catch sight of a fresh round balanced professionally on a server’s tray navigating deftly through a throng of dancing, celebrating souls.

Life is too short to waste time on inferior drinks. Vacation time is even shorter, which makes the stakes higher. Fortunately, both the Mya Tiger and the various ground floor bars from the Basement to the Podcast Studio, Beer Garden to the Terrace all specialize in fine cocktails both shaken and on tap, dynamic beers, in-house barrel-aged spirits, wines, and anything else you can imagine. But your beverage only makes up a small part of your potential full sensory euphoria. You must also eat, you must laugh, you must feel the sunlight on your cheek, the wind in your hair, and the ocean breeze calling you to come and explore distant shores. You’ll find that and more at the St Kilda Beach Bar.

Two Fantastic Bars

Not all bars are created equal, and not all bars are suited to your personality or mood. There are times when you want darkness, times when you want light, and times when you want large windows of ancient glass to bend sunlight into a soft and gentle caress. The Mya Tiger and the ground floor bars have you covered no matter what your personality or mood. From stools to couches to tables to dance floors, you can settle into the perfect ambiance at any moment of the day.

The proper ambiance is critical to the enjoyment of any beverage. We’ve all heard of pairing food with wines, but you also need to pair your drink to the room. Don’t believe me? Take a trip down to Hotel Esplanade and check out abundance of bars The Espy has to offer. These bars transform with each hour of the day and with a wide variety of both seated and standing areas, you’ll find the perfect gathering place for crews of all shapes and sizes.

Fine Cocktails

The artistry of a signature cocktail is too often overlooked in the evaluation of a fine dining establishment. You seek out a different cocktail on a cold winter evening than on a hot summer day. The beverage list at The Espy’s various bars overwhelm you with the wide variety of creativity and selection. Try the Mya Tiger Kaffir Lime Margarita for a perfect afternoon cocktail with just the right amount of kick. Or settle into a Sitting Buddha if you happen to feel the tingle of imminent enlightenment. Can’t decide? Try them both, you don’t want to live the rest of your life knowing you left untested choices on the menu.

Live Music

Radios are nice, but we all know that for the spirit of the moment to take you, the music has to be live. Hotel Esplanade has its finger on the pulse of the local scene and they make every effort to offer the best live entertainment you’ll find this side of Mount Olympus. We’ve discussed pairing your beverages with atmosphere and food, why not try pairing them with music? Some vocalists are better appreciated with fine wine, and some require a craft beer served in a frothy drinking horn. Find out what works best for you and then tell us of your successes.

Ideal Location

Come and relax where the sea is always whispering its sweet song, the weather is always pleasantly warm, and the sun smiles down like a celestial all father. The St Kilda beach is renowned for its beauty, and the local markets and specialty shops offer the perfect activities for a leisurely day of recreation. After a brief walk, you can return to Hotel Esplanade because there’s no better way to appreciate fine food and drink than by pairing them the hunger and thirst that comes from light exercise.

A little slice of heaven in St. Kilda

Life is too short to waste precious moments on anything less than the perfect drink. If you don’t know what the perfect drink is for you, the perfect place to find out is Hotel Esplanade and the great beverage offerings across the five level pub. Most bars offer a variety of drinks, but the St. Kilda beach bar offers a variety of drinks at multiple unique and elegant sub-venues. If you had a decade to spend you probably still wouldn’t be able to experience all the pairings of beverages, food, and ambiance. However, we highly recommend that you come on out and give it a try.